The Violet Crown is a community-driven third place for our neighbors in Crestview and Brentwood while simultaneously being a destination worthy coffee and wine program. We have meticulously sourced every product in the building to highlight small producers who are doing good things for people & the planet and making delicious goods that tell the story of where they come from. The Violet Crown was founded by husbands and business partners Chris Nagelhout and Grant Richardson in 2023 out of a desire to share their love of hospitality and beverage with their community.

We serve natural wines, that is those which are free from manipulative farming and cellaring practices. We believe these wines most strongly express a sense of place and honor the people, places and cultures from which they come.

Our coffee program focuses on highlighting varietal, farming, and production methods and how that impacts cup quality. We highlight the individual farmers and work with a small group of trusted roasters from across the country to deliver the best coffee experience possible. 

The Violet Crown Founders Chris Nagelhout and Grant Richardson